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We caught Melted Space and The Robin 2 in Bilson last weekend supporting Symphony X. Hailing from France and touring with Symphony X on a massive 35 day tour until the end of march these guys will be busy. Many sound issues on this night made this a poor night to witness this new up and coming back and id certainly like to see them again in the future. They look interesting, some of the tunes sound very catchy and there is mixture of high lows and demon voices. Female vocal backing singer took pole position half way through the set and this was a pleasure. There was very little room for them to move with the stage being packed with 3 bands worth of kit, were very cheerful. The good news is their studio material sounds really good showing. This night was likely not the bands fault and being the first night of the tour, the rushed set-up, the first time touring the UK and the late entry by almost and hour the pressure was definitely on. Lets see how they are received the rest of the tour. I wish you the best on the rest of your tour and hope to catch-up with you on another night.