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Myrath, WOW, These guys have been recording studio albums since 2007 and yet to me completely unheard. The presence on stage was awesome, and loud with some great melodic hooks, The band ever so graceful and grateful this being their first UK tour is gaining them many fans. There was more stage space after the the first support act stepped off stage with all their equipment removed. Myrath have a lot of talent and vocals were very much different to Melted Space showing different styles and interesting sounds. Lead singer Zaher Zorgati was fantastic he certainly knew how to get the crowd warmed up for Symphony X. The bassist Anis Jouini was another great a part of this band playing equipped with a 6 string bass in itself a hard challenge especially with the array of movements , interesting poses and maintaining constant attention. Sounding very symphonic metal sounding which is everything I love about metal music though they describe as Tunisian Metal all the same it is metal no doubt. I shall be investing some time in listening to these guys and if you like this stuff so should you!