Home / Albums / Events / Symphony X @ The Robin 2 12-02-2016 [83]

Rocking the house tonight is Symphony X, Venue was nice and packed, Lead singer Russell Allen was great at posing for the crowd, vocals were great and we have a mix of softer and heavier tracks throughout. Favourites were Nevermore and Without you performed great, the sound was loud and their latest album Underworld though their track underworld is by far not the best track on there. There are many tracks here though and many are a strong contender help them maintain and gain popularity. The bass player and guitar players manage to keep up momentum and great show, Michael Romeo (on guitar) has nice long wavy hair which is being blown like in the wind saving him some effort and Michael LePond (on bass) living up to the same thing I’ve seen a lot of lately made where the bass player Is more active that guitarist. Lepond has interesting characteristics making him interesting to watch with a variety of poses, smiles and interaction with the crowd. Worthy to watch and loud, very loud great venue, band and show see them before the head back home.